helps brands take advantage of the conversational marketing opportunity.

Using the platform 


Conversational Commerce

Message bots to automate and improve the retail experience - from purchase to re-purchase and the journey in between.

Conversational Content

Message bots to engage, inspire, educate and convert. It’s content marketing through chat.

Conversational Creative

Message bots to support campaign activity. Unlimited creative executions through conversation.

Conversational Customer Service

Message bots to automate customer service, improve customer experience and decrease cost and time to serve.

The Platform

The Platform is sophisticated technology which enables intelligent and purpose-built bots.


Getting bot ready


Concept, creative and business solution inform a detailed production plan, milestones, and build costs, with defined exclusions.

Conversation design

Designing the system through language and conversation modules, based on research and prototyping.


Production of the purpose-built solution through development, creative and project management.


Rigorous testing, live deployment across integrations, services and dashboards, and rapid bug fixes.


Analysis of use, and continuous education of bot based on consumer behaviour to refine and optimise.

Let’s chat

B.B.E consultants will help define and articulate your Messenger and chat strategy and in turn develop the business case to get funding and stakeholder buy in.